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How to Select A Skating Coach

Listen to your skater. During Can Skate coaches rotate so that your skater can experience different teaching styles and personalities on the ice. Chances are that your skater has found a connection and developed a rapport with someone on the ice already. When it is time for a skater to move up to Star Skate it is a parent's role to investigate further. Do your homework. This is an important decision and does not have to be made quickly.

Verify the NCCP status of the coach. NCCP stands for the National Coaching Certification Program. Coaches are ranked as level 1-5. Level 1 certification is the minimum level required by all Skate Canada coaches. Most Hawkesbury Skating Coaches are level 2 certified coaches. Levels 4 and 5 certifications are quite rare and allows coaches to teach at the National and International levels.

Ask for a copy of a coach's resume and references. Coaches must be able to provide you with certified documentation outlining their own skating background (Test/competition record and coach tutelage), their coaching experience and fee structure. All coaches have been asked to provide written documents verifying their status. You are under no pressure to select the first coach you meet. Just be up front and honest about you intentions.

Attend a few sessions at the arena and observe the coach( es) interacting with the other skaters that they teach. Talk to a variety of parents at the rink; ask an executive member for some assistance.  Once you have found someone that is of interest to you arrange a meeting and talk to the coach. Be sure to ask the coach about their teaching philosophy. Some coaches are strictly recreational level coaches while others specialize in one skating discipline and or focus on training serious, competitive skaters. Determine if your approach to the sport matches that of the coach you are interested in hiring Remember you are the customer and the support system for your skater. A good relationship between the coach, parent and skater is essential to developing a successful team. Some families have more than one coach. This is also an option Many Coaches work together as a team and some coaches specialize in dance, free skate and or choreography.

Some issues to agree upon in advance include but are not limited to: "How many lessons you would like your skater to have per week (this may vary based on age, ability, your expectations and what you can afford: "How the coach will bill you (email.mail) and when the coach will bill you (weekly, monthly, in advance) "What you will be billed for (out of town events such as test days/competition, meetings, music, gas, accommodation) Discuss any concerns you may have with the coach. If , at any time, you are not satisfied with your coach you may discontinue their services and contract with someone else.

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Our coaches:

Julie Lalonde
Nancy Neumann
Mélanie Quevillon